Different Types of Medical Transports

Medical transports are services that are able to move patients between hospitals, and they are a vital necessity for patients that need specialized surgery in a specific hospital.

These services are able to help persons who need to travel a short distance across town, and they can even help people who need to cross international boards in order to receive treatments. The three kinds of medical transports are ground ambulances, air transports, and international transports.

  1. The most common kind of medical transports are ground transports. They are usually used to ferry patients between different local hospitals, but they can be used to take patients long distances between different cities. These kinds of transports are used to take people home from the hospital. They are generally used for persons who need medical treatment along the way, but are not patients who are in critical condition.
  2. helicopter

  3. The second kind of medical transports are air transports. These medical transports are able to carry patients inside of a helicopter, and they are able to carry patients hundreds of miles inside of a few short minutes. These kinds of transports are used for patients who are in immediate need of emergency surgery, and for those who cannot be out of a hospital for the length of time a ground transport would take.
  4. air ambulance

  5. The third kind of medical transports that are used to carry patients across international boards. These kinds of medical transports are good for people who need treatment in a first world country, and for those who want to go home. These transport services are able to arrange for patients to be taken from the hospital to a nearby airport, and then a plane is able to transport the patient the rest of the way. The planes are equipped with medical equipment and a trained staff, and they are also able to handle the job of clearing a patient through customs.