Where to Go for Mogul Skiing

where to go for mogul skiing

There are locations where enthusiasts can practice their skiing all over the world. Some runs are suited for beginners and others for those with abundant mogul experience. Every skier has their preference and most are willing to share what they are. There are polls frequently posted online to try and reach a consensus on which the best runs are. Some results are worldwide while others are focused on country or region. All of them have excellent information for people skiing at every level. Here are a few favorites that have been touted across the web. The list is being kept short because there are so many different slopes that could be examined and opinions that could be relayed.

We’ll start out in Colorado which is well known for its beautiful mountains even to non-skiers. There are many resorts throughout the state that skiers can’t say enough good things about. They cite the bumps, the large percentage of expert level runs, and the sheer quantity of runs available for the mogul skier. Mountains abound and so do moguls. A name that comes up over and over is The Mary Jane. This mountain is part of a popular ski resort and is well known for its bumps, trees, and difficulty.

Vermont is a tiny state but it’s famous for its seasons. If nothing else most people remember the movie White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. Among mogul skiers the state’s slopes are particularly known for the bumps and grooming. The variety of moguls on the slopes is also a draw as they vary a lot in size, spacing and shape. A lot of competitions are held on their peaks and it is where Olympian Donna Weinbrecht learned to ski.

New York’s Catskill Mountains are world famous if only by name. The Catskills were the setting of the literary classic “Rip van Winkle” and have been a part of countless movies, including the beloved “Dirty Dancing”. But these mountains are famous among those who ski for a completely different reason. They are considered one of the best areas of the country to learn how to mogul ski. Their many slopes have every difficulty level, from the most basic to those that should only be skied by professionals. The slopes of the Catskills are also all within easy travel distance of each other which helps those who want to quickly progress to more challenging moguls.