Becoming a Mogul Skier


Become your own hero and how, make the first step.

It’s clear why mogul skiing is such an engaging and exciting sport. It requires skill, confidence, and panache to successfully compete. That does not mean that it is solely the realm of professionals. There are plenty of amateur skiers who love moguls. It can be intimidating but that shouldn’t stop you from checking it out. Obviously the first thing to do is find a nice beginner moguls run to start with. There are a few other things that could help you as you learn.

  • When you get to your run the first thing you should do is look at it. It may sound silly, but it will help simplify a complicated sport. One reason you look is to be aware of the terrain so you know where the obstacles are. The other reason is to allow you to see the pattern of the moguls. Naturally occurring moguls form because a multitude of skiers have taken the same path over and over again. Looking from the top of the slope before you head down lets you examine the pattern. When you see a pattern you think you can see keep it in your mind’s eye as a map of your run.
  • Now that you have the map in your head it’s on to the next step. Speed and control are essential to every skier but they are particularly important on moguls. If you lack experience with moguls you need to go slow. No one becomes an expert in a day because it takes time to learn new skills. Start slow and stay slow until you are comfortable with this type of run. This goes hand in hand with control. Control is important for every skier but it can prevent serious injury for the less experienced one. You aren’t an Olympian yet, slow and steady keeps you in one piece until you’re ready.
  • Finally you need to look at turning. Moguls are not a flat run and turning is an essential part of this type of skiing. A successful turn relies on awareness and control of your body. The skier must maintain balance while shifting weight frequently. It’s important to keep your legs loose and your upper body stable. Your legs absorb the impact as you hit the bump and power you through the next turn. Stiff legs will result in your injury. An unstable upper body will cost you your balance. These are not the only things you need to know if you want to start mogul skiing but they are a great place to start.